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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Royal Taxi Fares - Toronto

ABOUT ROYAL TAXI - Page 2 of 2
Head Office

620 Wilson Avenue
Suite 100
Toronto, ON
M3K 1Z3.

York Region Office

9078 Leslie St
Unit 1
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4B 3I8


24 hours a day, 365 days per year

Employees: .

Over 60 internal staff members
Fleet: Over 500 taxis, 40 wheelchair accessible vans, 15 school vehicles, 10 limousines and 1 limousine van. For more information on our fleet, click here.
Response Time: Average of 10 minutes or less for a regular sedan taxi and 15 minutes or less for a wheelchair accessible vehicle, weather/traffic conditions permitting.
Service Area: Greater Toronto Area (GTA.), York Region including Markham and Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket and the Surrounding Areas .
Out of Area: Service available upon request.

Price Model:

The Toronto Licensing Commission outlines the tariffs for taxi fares as follows:

(1) The ride is free if the taxi meter is not on
(2) Price is based on distance for 1-4 passengers.
          For the first .235 kilometers or part thereof $ 2.75
          For each additional .190 kilometers or part thereof $ 0.25
          For each additional passenger in access of four (4) $ 0.25
          For each 31 seconds of waiting time while under engagement $ 0.25
(3) Minimum for parcel delivery $10.00
(4) G.S.T. is included in each fare

The rates are subject to change without notice as legislated by the Municipal Licensing and Standards Department for the City of Toronto. For more information on Fares, click here.

All vehicles are individually insured by their owners and carry insurance for public liability in the amount of two million dollars. In addition, Royal Taxi maintains various insurance policies for a variety of perils and risks including public liability insurance for five (5) million.

Lost and Found:
We maintain computer files to process any lost and found claims our customers may have. We are quite successful in retrieving lost articles including valuable documents and packages.

Customer Complaints and/or Inquires
The management team immediately handles any complaint received within 24 hours. All complaints are fully investigated and recorded on our computer database. Computer records are maintained for all complaints and include details regarding the nature of the complaint, the individuals involved and the disciplinary action taken. Disciplinary meetings are held with the staff member and/or driver involved to determine whether or not the individual involved requires additional training, discipline and/or dismissal. Following each disciplinary meeting, we contact the individual who filed the complaint to advise of the action taken and the changes to our processes to ensure that there is not a reoccurrence.

We are constantly analyzing, developing and implementing technology that will enable us to continue meeting our customer service initiatives. We are currently using Bell Canada's Nortel PBX Meridian Option 11 with ACD software and TAPI server applications in conjunction with Odessey a customized dispatch software package. In addition, we use five radio frequencies to distribute and dispatch the orders received in our call center. Although it is beyond our current scope to describe our computerized system in great detail, we would like to outline the essential benefits which include an uninterrupted quality of performance, an efficient operation, increased productivity, detailed on-line stats and a peaceful working environment. We would be pleased to give you a tour of our facility and to explain the benefits of our technology in more detail.

We are currently in the implementation process of a state of the art GPS driven dispatch technology with full computer tracking of all of our vehicles. This technology is one of a kind in the city of Toronto and will crown Royal Taxi with companies around the world. Full implementation is expected before years end at which time clients will be able to:

  • Access Royal Dispatch by the Internet

  • Get their invoices online

  • Provide a total environment.

We offer an invoicing system to suit every company's individual needs. Our accounting department promptly and accurately records all your company's travel for each month. The instance there is a question regarding a billing charge we will immediately resolve the matter in an expedient and efficient manner. Customized and/or departmentalized billing is also available upon request. We experience very few problems in Statement Reconciliation despite our very large volume of taxi chits/coupons. Our margin of error is less than 0.03% (i.e. 1 in every 3000 taxi chits/coupons). We attribute our success to our well-trained staff members, our checking processes, our strict procedures and our overcharge prevention programs.

Employee Training
At Royal Taxi, we are very sensitive to drivers' continuous training. 

Initial Training: In addition to the standard taxi driver's training provided by Toronto Licensing, Royal Taxi provides monthly in-house training classes for all of its drivers. Our Training courses are focused on:

  • Customer Service

  • Sensitivity

  • Special needs

  • Corporate Needs

  • Safety

  • Emergency procedures

Our drivers are by far the best trained in the city. 

Refresher courses are offered for all drivers once a year, and retraining courses are provided as necessary for those drivers who have been ordered to attend retraining classes by management following customer complaints or misconduct.

Vehicle Maintenance
Royal Taxi a leader in fleet maintenance and vehicle inspection has gained a lot of support from its clientele for the mandatory vehicle inspection program. Our computer system selects, at random, ten vehicles per day for a complete visual and mechanical inspection.

  • The selected vehicles are obliged to come to our head office where a member of our management team conducts a 27-point inspection.

  • Any vehicle failing the inspection must undergo repairs immediately. After the repairs are done the vehicle is re-inspected by our management team before clearance is granted.

  • Our computerized system keeps a history of the vehicles condition, inspection failures and repairs and generates a profile for that particular vehicle.

  • In addition to our random inspections, Royal Taxi has a team of road inspectors who are on the road daily. Their job is to report to management any vehicle and or driver concerns.

We are proud of our Fleet.

Independent Contractors:
Royal Taxi Inc., operates as a call centre receiving and processing service calls 24-hours per day, 7 days a week. As such, Royal taxi does not own or operate any vehicles. Vehicles are owned and operated by independent contractors who are members of Royal's Call Centre.
Independent Contractors join Royal Taxi's Call Centre facilities, because Royal operates the most advanced call centre in the city.

The pride of vehicle ownership and the small business status of our independent contractors, makes them more responsible towards service and the maintenance of their vehicle.


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