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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Become a Taxi Driver in Ireland

How to Become a Taxi Driver


438 North Circular Road
Near Junction of Dorset Street
Dublin 7

01 882 8899
087 781 9770

Why be a Taxi Driver?

  • Be self-employed
  • Work the hours that suit you.
  • It's easy to start - just hire a taxi from us - and we maintain it and insure you.
  • Earn €1000 gross cash with as little required as a €16 taxi licence - you just need to put in the hours - say 50 hours a week.
  • It especially suits working mums who can work hours to suit.
  • You will feel safer with our security screens

How do I get a Taxi Licence?

You need to apply and do a test.

1 Get a Tax Clearance Certificate

You must have your Tax Clearance Certificate before you apply. You need to fill out Form TC1 from your local Revenue Office or apply online at (see our information sheet on 'How to get a Tax Clearance Certificate'). Your tax must be up-to-date before it will be issued. It may take 3 weeks due to demand.

2 Apply for a PSV Licence

  1. Bring your Tax Clearance Certificate to a local Motor Tax Office.
  2. Pay €16 to start your application for a PSV licence
  3. You receive a receipt from the Motor Taxation Office.
  4. Call to your local Garda Station and ask for PSV 15 form ('Application for licence to drive small public services vehicles')
  5. Fill out this form and return to Garda Station with the following:
    • Receipt from Motor Taxation Office
    • 3 photos, 3" x 4" for filing purposes for the police.
    • Driving licence suitable for Irish roads

4 Pre-Test Training

You can increase your chance of passing the test by doing a days training with:

PSV Training Services (address overleaf).

5 Do the Test

You will receive your results by post. If you are successful, you can collect your PSV licence. On collection you will be asked to produce your Tax Clearance Certificate.

How do I Rent a Taxi?

On receipt of your PSV licence, Taxitaxi would be delighted to rent a taxi to you. Renting costs between €350 and €380 per week and that includes:
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance and
  • Full instructions on all the workings of a wheelchair accessible or saloon taxi.
  • Our cars are checked and cleaned before giving it to you.
  • Radio

    If you want, you can rent a radio from a cab company for about €75 / week and 7% of the radio takings.

    How do I Buy a Taxi?

    If you would like to buy the complete taxi then we will offer you a really competitive price taking into account the rent you have already paid - see our website, 'Taxis for Sale' or look in the Evening Herald.

    Changing a Car into a Taxi

    You may have a vehicle you want to use as a taxi. You will need to:
    • Buy and fit a meter and printer (€750-€890 new), and roof sign (€220) - We supply the Hale meter, printer and roofsign (€799)
    • Buy or rent a plate/taxi licence.
      • Buy it new from your Council (€6,300 or €125 for a wheelchair plate) or
      • Buy it second hand. See our sheet on 'How to Buy and Sell a Taxi Plate' for further information, or
      • Rent a second hand plate (€60/week - not recommended)
    • Arrange taxi insurance (€3-5,000 / year).
    • Get a NCT Taxi Suitability Test (€90).
    • Fit a security screen (optional) €220.
    We can help you with the above and supply you with taxi accessories. Finally, our taxis are maintained by factory approved agents, and our fleet is modern.

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