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Sunday, April 18, 2010

USA Taxis

Not long after cars had been invented and manufactured for commercial
use, the Americans adopted cars to use as taxicabs in many states
especially in the big cities such as New York, Los Angelis and
Chicago. Taxi cars are always owned by companies where the drivers act
as employees. The numbers of American taxi are still increasing
rapidly but many US cities are trying to control the number with a
licensing scheme.

Most of the American taxis were manufactured by their own motor
company like General Motors Corporation, Ford and Chrysler. The
American taxis are painted in yellow, orange white or black depending
on the state, and the general taxis are sedan or station-wagon.

There are some slightly different rules and laws between different
states about how to become a taxi driver in America. In New York City
for example, a driver must hold a driving license which equivalent to
a New York state class A, B, C or E before submitting the request and
the driver also must attend taxi school to increase the driving abilit

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