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Friday, April 30, 2010

Taxi Deregulation in Ireland

Deregulation in Ireland is a complete disaster for evrybody.
Now because taxis are stuck in taxi traffic because of over supply
people get out and walk because its quicker.
Its the biggest mess forced upon any industry.
Reading the above page is like acting out a part for a book each night
i go to work in my taxi.
Taxi drivers fighting each other over fares and parking spaces and
taxis blacking streets trying to find a free parking space its a
We have regular protests by drivers now because nobody can earn any
money its dog eat dog.
The irish government have a lot to answer for and the regulator who is
lost on what do to do to fix the industry.
You will never have a problem getting a taxi in Ireland but I worry
for my children when they use one… and yeh i am a taxi driver so i
guess i know what i am taking about … if you don't feel safe don't get
in … thanks to the mess of deregulation.

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