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Friday, April 30, 2010

PINK Ladies Taxi

Pink ladies fight taxi court case

PINK Ladies club cars are fighting a court case for operating an unlicensed private hire company.

Warrington Borough Council have brought the action against the company directors Andrea Winders and Tina Dutton.

But the company will argue that they are not a taxi service, is a unique service and should be judged that way.

Mrs Winders said: "We will fight this all the way to the High Court. We are not a taxi service. We are a unique organisation. A round peg in a square hole. We do not fit within current legislation, therefore Warrington Borough Council has decided to issue court proceedings against us personally."

Pink Ladies started operating in May 2005 and since then has raised national recognition in the work it does.

David Boyer, head of sustainable transport at the council said: "Enforcement work is continuously undertaken to ensure the safety of passengers and that all legal requirements are met in relation to taxi and private hire licensing.

"Each of the company's directors has received summons detailing six separate offences in relation to operating an unlicensed private hire company, operating unlicensed vehicles, employing an unlicensed driver and operating uninsured vehicles."

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