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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sydney Taxis


Taking a Taxi?

Each terminal has its own sheltered taxi rank with supervisors on hand in peak hours to ensure a smooth flow of taxis for travellers.

Kerbside supervisors can also organise taxis with baby capsules, wheelchair access, 5 seaters, station wagons for lots of baggage, and maxi taxis for groups.

Here are some approximate return fares you can expect to pay to and from Sydney Airport. Remember passengers pay for any bridge or road tolls on top of the fare (these fares are in Australian dollars and are based on non-peak traffic conditions):

Rerturn fare to Sydney Airport:

  • Sydney City $50
  • North Sydney $65
  • Manly $103
  • Parramatta $165
  • Liverpool $114
  • Cronulla $89

A $3.00 airport toll is payable by all passengers taking a taxi from any of Sydney Airport's taxi ranks.

Contacts have been provided below if you would prefer to pre-book your taxi. 

Taxis Combined Services

Phone: 133 300

Silver Service Fleet

Phone:  133 100

RSL Ex-Servicesmen's Cabs & Co-Op Members Ltd

Phone: +61 2 9581 1111
Cabcharge Bookings: 131 581 

Legion Cabs

Phone: 131 451
Cabcharge Bookings: 131 271

Premier Cabs

Phone: 13 10 17

St George Cabs

Phone: 132 166

Taxi Tips

Drivers are required to accept all fares, big and small, from the airport. If you are only travelling a short distance, drivers can return back to their place in the queue after they have taken you to where you need to go. The kerbside management team will help you and your driver with this request.   

Please note that taxis are not permitted to pick up passengers outside of the taxi ranks and the driver will be fined AUD $5,000 for breaking the regulation.  

Taxi Feedback 

If you have any suggestions, compliments or complaints about your driver or your taxi trip please:

You will need the number plate of the taxi, or the driver's number, the taxi network and the time and date of your journey.

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