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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Toronto Taxis FAQ

Frequently-Asked Questions


How can I get additional information?

Our service, "416-TAXICAB", will simply put you in touch easily by phone with an appropriate Toronto taxi service, by calling 416-TAXICAB.

For other questions about Toronto taxi rides that are not answered below, it is best to contact a specific Toronto taxi company;  you can do this by either calling our phone number and choosing a taxi cab company, or visiting one of their websites (see below).

For taxi rates, contact one of the taxi companies.

What is the cost of a taxi ride to or from the Toronto Airport (Pearson)?       coins2

Toronto taxi cab fare from Pearson airport to downtown is usually about $50.  Standard flat rates to and from the airport are available;  see airport rate map.

What is the cost of other Toronto taxicab rides?   

Toronto taxi rides are usually charged by the km and by the minute, according to a regulated taxi rate:   Approx:  $4.00 initial charge + $1.60 per KM + $0.50 per minute (rates subject to change).  Call specific Toronto taxi companies for quotes.

How easily are Toronto taxis available?

Toronto taxi cabs are readily available, including at the Toronto airport (Pearson airport) and hotels, and advanced booking is usually not required.  In the downtown area, Toronto taxis can be waved down on the street easily.

Are child seats available in Toronto taxis? baby  toy2


For child car seats, please contact specific taxi companies to see if they offer the necessary equipment (e.g. child seats, anchors, shoulder straps, as appropriate for the type of seat required).  You might be able to use your own child seat, if the taxi can safely accommodate it.  You can contact specific Toronto taxi companies via the 416-TAXICAB phone number or via the websites listed below.



I've lost an item in a taxi;  how can I recover it?

Post on the bulletin board for lost and found items.



If you have lost an item in a Toronto taxi and can't remember the cab company, we recommend contacting each of the major taxi companies (you can do this via 416-TAXICAB).
It helps if you can recall the colour of the taxi, as it's easier to identify the taxi company;  however, may Toronto taxi cabs are independent.  Some common taxi colours are:  Green/orange - Beck Taxi;   Dark Blue – Royal Taxi;  Silver – Crown Taxi;  Light Blue – Maple Taxi or Kingsboro Taxi;  Red – City Taxi;  Yellow – Yellow Cab;  Black/orange – Diamond Taxi.

Toronto taxi drivers and companies will often turn lost items over to the police.  To check if they have your item, call 416-808-3750 (Property and Evidence Unit – Toronto Police).

Items lost at or on the way to Toronto Pearson Airport might be turned in at the airport's Lost & Found offices.  The number for Terminal 1 and 2 Lost & Found is 416-776-7749 or 416-776-7750.  The number for Terminal 3 Lost & Found is 416-776-7751.


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