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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Toronto Taxicab Companies

Toronto Taxicab Companies

Recommendations and Phone Numbers for Cabs in Toronto

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Need a taxi in Toronto? Here are some recommended cab companies, plus the phone numbers of many others.

Reminder About Special Circumstances
If you would like to pay by debit, are transporting an animal, need an accessible vehicle or have any other special needs, you should tell the dispatcher as soon as you phone. While most of these companies can accommodate these situations, it may effect which driver can pick you up.

Recommended Cab Companies in Toronto

Beck Taxi

A Beck Taxi CabMarilyn Campbell
Beck Taxi's friendly and polite drivers are quick to arrive and know how to get you where you're going. The green and orange cab colors also make them easy to spot in traffic, so Beck Taxis are easy to hail. The Beck Taxi website details the company's commitment to customer service, and the results show.

Royal Taxi

The dark blue cabs of Royal Taxi are always a welcome sight. Clean, punctual and knowledgeable, Royal also operates a limousine service and has numerous accessible vehicles available.

More Toronto Cab Companies

City Taxi


Co-op Cabs

A  Co-op red and yellow cabMarilyn Campbell

Crown Taxi


Diamond Taxicab

Marilyn Campbell

Kingsboro Taxi


Maple Leaf Taxi

Marilyn Campbell


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