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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Taxi Plate System

Taxi Plate System
Producing Taxi licencing plates and badges can be time consuming and expensive.
With Tennants UK Ltd.'s revolutionary TPS (Taxi Plate System) those days are gone.
Plate Design
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Our Guarantees:
1. Three year warranty on all components and printer.
2. Pay you to return used or replaced plates for recycling.
3. Slash your costs by a minimum of 25%.

TPS offers:
1. Components for the manufacture of plates to BS AU 145d.
2. Plates of any size, quantity, colour and design.
3. ID Badges easily produced including driver photographs.
4. Software pre-installed and network enabled.
5. Full colour state of the art single pass laser printer.
5. Database management of all licenced plates.
6. Integration with either Lalpac or Diamond software systems.

Using the TPS software couldn't be easier as it's as simple as
click, print and make.

Try the Demonstration to appreciate how simple and straight forward the system is.

Save time, save money by clicking Contact Us today.

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